Review: The Yorkshire Lounge, Leeds Bradford Airport

Visited August 2018

The Yorkshire Lounge, Leeds Bradford
The Yorkshire Lounge, Leeds Bradford

Where is it?

There are three lounges at Leeds Bradford airport, all located in the same area of the terminal building with a shared reception area. The lounges are located airside after security control, in the transit hall used for both domestic and international departures.

The entrance to the lounges is close to gate 4 and 5, in a corner after passing through the shopping area and the food court.

The Yorkshire Lounge, Leeds Bradford
The reception area and the entrance

How do I get in?

Different access rules apply for the three lounges and the entrance fees are also different.

It is possible to pay to access the lounge, either in advance (usually cheaper) or at the reception desk on the day of departure. However on busy weekends they sometimes limit the number of walk-in guests, or even put a sign outside that the lounge is full, so it is usually better to prebook the visit, both in order to have a confirmed booking and because it is usually cheaper.

The Yorkshire Lounge can also be accessed using e.g. Priority Pass and Dragon Pass.

Some full-service airlines also use the lounge such as British Airways and KLM, however passengers are sometimes directed to the slightly better Rose Suite Lounge.

What’s it like?

There are no less than three lounges at Leeds Bradford – The Yorkshire Lounge, The White Rose Suite Lounge and The 1432 Runway Club Lounge. The Yorkshire Lounge is the most basic of the three while the White Rose Suite keeps a slightly higher standard, and with the 1432 Runway Club as the high-end choice, offering both a self-service bar and a dining-on-demand service. However at the same time the latter is also the most expensive of the three lounges to enter.

The Yorkshire Lounge is typically the choice for holidaymakers who want all the services offered of an airport lounge but who are happy with a rather basic lounge standard and a basic selection of food and drinks.

The Yorkshire Lounge, Leeds Bradford
Inside the lounge

The lounge indeed has a somewhat basic interior with sofas and armchairs in blue, purple and grey and with the rest of interior in white. There is a limited apron view and there are some bar stools and bar tables next to the windows.

The Yorkshire Lounge, Leeds Bradford
Apron view

Food and drinks

There is a rather spacious self-service buffet area with mostly cold food and snacks.

The Yorkshire Lounge, Leeds Bradford
The self-service buffet area

The selection includes vegetables and salads, pasta, some cold cuts and different pies.

The Yorkshire Lounge, Leeds Bradford
Cold buffet

There are also bread rolls, cheese and crackers and a small selection of pastries and desserts.

The Yorkshire Lounge, Leeds Bradford
Food, snacks and coffee machine

Alcoholic drinks are available from a manned bar with a fairly standard selection of beer, wine and spirits. Champagne/sparkling wine is available for purchase.

Soft drinks and juices are available for self-service and there are also two coffee machines.

The Yorkshire Lounge, Leeds Bradford
Manned bar


Restrooms are located outside the lounge. There are no showers.

There is a standard selection of newspapers and free Wi-Fi. Boarding announcements are normally made also inside the lounge.

Final impression

A fairly basic lounge with a basic selection of drinks, cold food and snacks. The best lounge for the price-conscious visitor while both the other two lounges at the airport provide a nicer experience.

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