New transfer security control at London Heathrow terminal 2

Star Alliance flight attendants in uniforms outside London Heathrow terminal 2
Star Alliance flight attendants in uniforms outside London Heathrow terminal 2, Photo: Star Alliance

Starting this month passengers connecting between two Star Alliance flights at London Heathrow terminal 2, The Queen’s Terminal, get a second options to pass through the transfer formalities, making some transfers significantly quicker and easier.

Terminal 2 are divided into two concourses named A and B.

Concourse A is the main terminal building where check-in, baggage reclaim and most shops and restaurants are located. This is also where the flight connecting centre is located for transfer passengers.

Concourse B is the satellite concourse used mainly for longhaul flights.

Previously all transfer passengers had to make their way to Concourse A, the main terminal building, for boarding pass control, transfer security and in some cases also passport control (if connecting to a flight to Ireland or a domestic flight within United Kingdom). If both the incoming flight and the departing flight were using concourse B this would involve a rather lengthy walk through a long underground corridor to the main terminal building, and then the same way back again.

However this month a second transfer security checkpoint opened in Concourse B. This means that passengers arriving in Concourse B and already know their connecting flight will depart from concourse B can use the new transfer security in Concourse B instead, saving a good amount of time and significantly reducing the amount of walking needed.

“Terminal 2 B is now a much faster transfer experience for Star Alliance customers. Our improvements to the connection process means passengers have much more time to relax and enjoy ‘me’ time with our beauty bar or to grab a cup of coffee and some gifts for their family. This enhances the already Award-Winning airport service Terminal 2 delivers for our passengers”, says Simon Eastburn, Director of Airline Business Development for Heathrow.

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