KLM doing the right thing to minimise a delayed flight

KLM delay
The KLM seats after a quick turnaround with no rearranged seatbelts

Although we all enjoy comfort, good food and pleasant service, at the end of the day what really matters is the safety and of course getting to the destination on time. Sometimes flights get delayed, for lots of different reasons, and what we really want in these cases is that the airline does everything they can to minimise the delay and get the aircraft to the destination as quickly as possible.

Some heavy winds at Amsterdam Schiphol meant that the incoming flight from Amsterdam was an hour late. A consequence of earlier delays and air traffic restrictions in the Amsterdam area. But KLM managed to turn around the aircraft in record time. Less than 10 minutes after the last passenger had left the Boeing 737-800 aircraft the boarding started. It was very impressive.

It turned out they had skipped arranging the seatbelts, which are usually placed rather elegantly facing the seat in front. The result was not pretty, in fact the seats were a mess, but it was exactly the right thing to do. These will soon be used by the passengers anyway so it is really all about making the cabin look tidy. It saved us a couple of minutes delay and got us to Amsterdam quicker. Just the right thing to do. Well done.

KLM delay
A one hour delay to Amsterdam
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