Whitley Neill Blackberry Gin on British Airways

Whitley Neill Blackberry Gin on British Airways
Whitley Neill Blackberry Gin on British Airways

Happy International Gin & Tonic Day to all readers! There are two dates during the year when this day is celebrated and many people tend to disagree which one is the real and proper one. But in the UK most people stick to 19 October.

And as a nice coincidence in the beginning of October British Airways updated their onboard menu in economy class with some new items for the winter, including a new gin they have not offered onboard before. So now you can try the Whitley Neill Blackberry Gin during your flight, offering a taste of “fresh plump blackberries and hints of floral hedgerow”.

So this is what I did on the evening flight from London Heathrow, a gin I had not tried before anyway, and it is quite tasty and quite fruity. It is available from the sales cart at 6 GBP and then a can with a tonic water is 1.60 GBP.

Whitley Neill Blackberry Gin on British Airways
The Whitley Neill Blackberry Gin in the British Airways inflight magazine
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