Review: Yotel Amsterdam Schiphol Hotel

Tested September 2017

Yotel Hotel, Amsterdam Schiphol
Yotel Hotel, Amsterdam Schiphol

Where is it?

Yotel Amsterdam Schiphol is located airside in the non-Schengen transit hall at Amsterdam Schiphol airport. The hotel is only available to passengers who have successfully checked in or are in transit at the airport.

The entrance is located in the non-Schengen area close to concourse D on the first floor, just around the corner from the passport control from the Schengen area next to the food court.

Yotel Hotel, Amsterdam Schiphol
The hotel entrance with the check-in machines to the right

There are no problems using the hotel if connecting between two Schengen flights, at least if you hold an EU passport. Just remember to bring a printout of the hotel booking (or make sure you have it available on a device, in case there are any questions) as well as a valid passport, as you will need to pass passport control before and after the stay.

If starting the trip in Amsterdam and you would like to stay a night the hotel before an early morning departure you will need to check with the airline if you can check in already the evening before your flight. You will not be able to reach the hotel without a valid boarding pass.

If you have checked luggage and starting the trip in Amsterdam you will also need to check with the airline if you can check it in the evening before. Otherwise you would need to store it somewhere landside during the night and then return landside in the morning to check in, which would be very inconvenient.

The arrival experience

I arrived at the hotel just before 11 pm in the evening, making a quick visit to the Aspire Lounge in the non-Schengen area to have a snack and a drink before heading to the hotel.

I had been to the hotel before so I knew where to go, but there are plenty of signs to follow in the transit hall in case this is the first visit.

You provide payment details, address details and contact details at the same time as you make the booking, so once at the hotel you can check in using a machine if you want, if there is a line for the reception. However you can naturally also check in in the normal manner at the reception if you prefer.

The check-in process was quick but friendly.

Yotel Hotel, Amsterdam Schiphol
The room corridor

The room

There are three types of cabins. Standard cabins measuring 7 sqm, Premium cabins measuring 10 sqm, and lager Premium cabins measuring 23 sqm, which can accommodate up to four guests.

Yotel Hotel, Amsterdam Schiphol
A larger Premium Cabin

I had booked a standard cabin, the cheapest option but also the smallest room category.

The hotel layout is much like an E with three different room corridors. To maximise the space the standard cabins are placed in a staggered configuration, so your bed is actually located either above or below another bed in another cabin, like bunk beds, so when you enter your room you either climb a few steps or descend a few steps.

Yotel Hotel, Amsterdam Schiphol
The bed

The cabins are far from spacious, but they have made excellent use of the small space. I had been assigned a cabin with a lower bunk bed placed to the right when entering the room. In the other cabin type the bed is to the left when entering the room and you will need to climb a few steps to reach the bed.

Yotel Hotel, Amsterdam Schiphol
Bathroom with toilet

To the left there was a small bathroom with shower and toilet with a frosted glass wall to avoid getting water inside the room.

Yotel Hotel, Amsterdam Schiphol
The bathroom, with the table and the chair

The bed measured 2 x 1 metre. The hotel describes it as ideal for one person, but able to accommodate two persons, however that would be rather cramped.

Yotel Hotel, Amsterdam Schiphol
The bed area with the TV

There is a TV just in front of the bed with various satellite TV channels.

Yotel Hotel, Amsterdam Schiphol
Telephone and room controls

There is also a telephone to call the reception and a control panel to adjust the lights in the room.

After the bathroom and the bed area there is not much space left in the cabin of the 7 sqm. However there is a table mounted on the wall below the mirror and there is a small chair available as well. So you can make the remaining space into a work area. There are also several power sockets in the room.

Yotel Hotel, Amsterdam Schiphol
The mood lighting effects in the room

Food and drinks

The reception desk, which is called Mission Control, offers sandwiches, snacks and some hot food as well as a good selection of drinks, including beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks and coffee.

There is a large food court right outside the hotel with plenty of more dining options, including some fast food outlets.

Yotel Hotel, Amsterdam Schiphol
Sign in the corridor for the Mission Control, i.e. the reception

Other facilities

Free wireless internet is available throughout the hotel, including in the room.


The focus of the hotel is to provide a speedy service, which makes perfect good sense being a transfer hotel where many guests may want to maximise the sleep during a short stay.

You provide most details in advance, including your payment details, so both check-in and check-out are very quick. However the service at check-in was friendly and polite and there was nothing to comment about.


Breakfast is not included in the room rate and there is no breakfast restaurant. However you can order a continental breakfast from the reception, either to eat in your room or to bring with you when you check out. The breakfast costs around 8 euro.

Of course there are also many other options in the transit hall, just seconds away, where you can have breakfast.

Final impression

A very innovative hotel concept. There is not much space and the concept is rather basic, but you get everything you may need during an overnight layover between two flights. They have made surprisingly good use of the small space.

If you have problems with claustrophobia this may not be the best option for you. If space (or rather the lack of it) is not an issue this is good value for money and you can spend your money on something else during your trip instead.

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